Kia Ora!

My name is Malte Werner.

I specialize in IT project management.

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What's The Story

Ever since growing up with Information Technology evolving all around me, I was always eager to learn new exciting tech-stuff and ways to use it. Today as much as back then with the slight difference that now it’s called work.

The Worx

I am constantly searching for new challenges in the world of software development, while being open to everything else as well – if it sounds interesting I’m up for it. At the moment I am looking for a permanent position in New Zealand. You have a job that needs doing? Contact me!

Freelance Consulting

While I am at home in working in small businesses, universities and even large corporations, I have spent a considerable part of my life as a freelance project manager. And I still do. Continue reading on this site and you'll find out more.

I am currently looking for a full-time position in New Zealand.
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In case you would like to read some more about the tings on my mind, you can check out my blog.

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